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Frequently asked questions

How much RAM do I need to use the Fluency SDK?

The recommended minimum is 2GB, but additional memory will provide a
noticeable improvement in usability.

Why do I get this exception when I try to run my application?

Attempting to run Fluency code on the client JVM will cause an
exception like:

To correct this add -jar fluency.jar to the java command line.

for details.

Where must fluency.jar be installed?

To execute Fluency software, the JDK must be able to locate
fluency.jar. It has to be either:

  • In the directory where the IDE was started.
  • Qualified with a path name.
  • Found by setting the "working directory" of the IDE to the Fluency installation directory.

What is fluency.jar anyway?

The file fluency.jar contains two things:

  • Fluency class files
  • Application Deployment Tool

The Fluency class files are the implementations of the available
Fluency services.

The Application Deployment tool coordinates all communication with a
remote Fluency node and it also loads any needed classes from the client
to the server.

You can find a description of this at:

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